What's up my Homie?

  1. When I put my hands or one of my hands on his face, he touches it and smiles. He also makes a kissy face and I end up kissing him a lot.
  2. Whenever we are at Teaway, Starbucks, or Quickly, he asks if I want something. I say, “No thank you,” and he just stares at me with his cute face.
  3. He pays for my bus fare. He doesn’t ask, he just pays for it. I really should pay him back, but he’s not the type of person to get something in return.
  4. When he sees my brother, he’s like, “He’s cool.” Or whenever he sees some guy that knows Jasmine or me, he says hes cool too.
  5. When I call him after school to meet up with him, he always tells me where he’s at and he just stays there waiting for me. When he turns around or when he sees me, he waves and smiles before me.
  6. When we both hug facing each other, I kind of nap on his shoulder and he puts his head on top of my head, or beside it. I think he was taking a nap too.
  7. He has a good and bad side. I love all his sides because that makes me love him more. Even if his side is really evil.
  8. When I hug him from the back, his hands always touches my hands. It feels like he wants to hold on to me more and much closer.
  9. He’s a very nice, sweet, generous, and loving man. There might be more, but this is all I can think of.
  10. He lets me touch his hair and mess it up and then fix it again.
  11. Both of us ate lip stick in our childhood times. Damn. I really thought the strawberry lipstick tasted like strawberry … it did when I put it on my lips lol.
  12. Even though he doesn’t put smileys or emotions to our chats like this : “;)” or “!!!!!” … I still love him.
  13. He reads my texts, but he doesn’t reply fast or reply at all. At least he reads it, right? =]
  14. He answers my class before school starts and afterschool.
  15. When I click on his speed dial to know where he’s at … he’s actually behind me xD. I had the “OH MY SHIT!” moment.
  16. I don’t have to ask for his hand to be held. If his hand is in his jacket pocket, I just straight up pull his hand out and grab it. If he’s behind me, I just have my hand     behind me and he grabs it.
  17. Even though some stuff upsets me about him … I still love him. At times, he doesn’t feel like getting hugged and he just goes away … but it’s adorable how he goes away lololol
  18. I can kiss him whenever the fuck I want.
  19. He tells me stuff in a nicest way as possible, even though he means it in a bad way. Yupp.
  20. He looks back if I’m behind him. I’m actually in front of him and waiting for him to walk towards my way … we walk in the same directions and then go off to our own class. I know his 1st, 2nd, and 3rd period. all I need to know is his homeroom and 3 more periods… yes, I’m a stalker. He already knows I am. hahahah!!
  21. He fuckn remembers our anniversary! OMG!
  22. He said, I can probably go to his house for studying. I asked him if I can go to his house, since he’s always busy with his homework and whatever shit he does too.
  23. I love how he doesn’t hang up the phone, even though there’s silent time. He would tell me if he has to go or when I sayd “I love you!” and he’d say, “I love you too.” and then I say, “Goodbye!”
  24. When I tell him to say hi to the people he’s hanging out with, he actually goes up to them and then tells them that I wanted to say hi xD He’s verrrrryyyyyy obedient.
  25. I can tell him everrryyyttthiinnng. All he says is, “ok,” or “I see.” and he doesn’t argue or anything. We have never argued before… Lol, is that normal? Maybe it is…. maybe….
  26. I love how I plan to look for him in school and he’s JUST THERE! Like, behind me or if I’m looking down and my hair is in front of my face, he’s in front of me!! LOL. He finds me, more than I can find him… I think he’s a ninja… woooo~~~
  27. He wore a damn camo halloween outfit… for Halloween xD Cuteee and awsome! I was a Gang Banger for a Halloween… I carried a metal pole thaannng from Kenneth’s sword, everywhere.
  28. I love how he asks me if I’m doing my homework or not and he doesn’t get mad, he just tells me to do what I do, but improve on my grades… Even though I have the shittiest grades, he’s still gonna love me. Frealz, he’s so cool!! [BTW, I actually do work now… US History got me doing work… Every damn day, is Presentation day… I still stutter and mess up, but I smile when I know I fucked up my speech xD]
  29. I love everything about him. His height, weight, his damn face that I get to kiss lolol, and just everything about him k? Love means, you have accepted someone, even though you have never judged them at all… pretty much, not being prejudice. <3
  30. His smile. I only get to see it sometimes, since he’s a very gloomy person and doesn’t show much of emotions. He’s beautiful if he smiles or doesn’t, it just doesn’t matter.
  31. When he says he’s playing video games when he’s talking to me on the phone, I’m like, “Fuuucckk yeah!” BUT, when he’s studying… “dammit.” [LOL, it’s not that I hate him for studying, it’s just, I can’t fuckn talk to him… when he’s gonna study… his education is important to me… but, if he says he’s studying but actually playing video games… lololoool awwwsomee… lolol]

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